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N260’s – Statements of Costs

At Cost Law Services we are regularly instructed to prepare Statements of Costs for interlocutory matters or for hearings which are less than 1-day and/or allocated to the Fast-Track.  We are committed to ensure that your costs are as accurate as possible.   From April 2019 a new pilot scheme was introduced  in respect of N260’s and at Cost Law Services Ltd we are geared up to ensuring that your costs are properly presented to the Court to assist in seeking summary assessment of costs or attempting to mitigate costs to recover your firms fees. 


QOC’s Disputes

Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS) are rules of Court introduced on 1 April 2013, that provide protection to Claimants against Defendants’ costs whilst still providing that Defendants are liable for Claimants’ costs.  The Rules are found under CPR 44.13 – 44.17 and in the PD.12 supplementing CPR 44. 


Are QOCS applied to all cases?  The answer is that QOCS protection only applies to Personal Injury cases, claims under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934.  If there is a Part 20 claim QOCS will also apply only where there is an element of Personal Injury.


Auditing Working in Progress for Banks/Funders and Administrators

Cost Law Services has experience in auditing and assisting in the value of the work.  Instructing Cost Law Services provides an independent audit to allow an appropriate price.  We consider issues such as type of cases undertaken, compliance and  file management to enable us to estimate the likely recovery of Costs.  It is essential that retainers are valid and files have no technical breaches or Orders that do not allow costs for specific parts.  We will highlight areas of risks.



Costs Training

Experienced Cost draftsmen and Costs lawyers  at Cost Law Services can offer to your fee earners the ability to maximise their profitability by bespoke training.  Our service allows our trainers to tailor the training to your company needs.  With the ever-evolving rules and case law Cost Law Services is required to adhere to these and add these to the training seminars.  At every training session we provide, your attendees will be provided with handouts.  With our commitment to environmental protection we will, where requested, furnish you with electronic copies of the notes and materials for reference.  We provide training on a variety of areas to assist your fee earners in maximising costs and thus reaching their billing targets.


General or Technical Advice


Cost Law Services provide a focused advisory service to our clients. The team of Chartered Legal Executives, Costs Lawyers, Costs Draftsmen and Costs Consultants has significant experience in providing expert advice on a wide spectrum of legal costs issues.  Costs Law Services provides unambiguous and strategic advice catered to achieving your client’s objectives.  Advice in relation to funding issues, issues relating to retainers, fixed fee issues and Solicitors Act proceedings are primary areas we committed to advising on. 


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