Christopher Medhurst

Senior Law Costs Draftsman

Christopher Medhurstis a Cost Lawyers/Cost Draftsmen at Cost Law Services working in Chatham office


Christopher Medhurst is a Senior Costs Draftsman with well-rounded experience in dealing with both Inter Partes and Legal Aid cases in various categories of law. Christopher deals with running cases from conclusion of the main action, to commencement of costs proceedings through to conclusion of costs proceedings, either through early settlement when deemed economically prudent, or by setting matters down for Court assessment. Christopher has also dealt extensively with recovery of costs from the Legal Aid Agency in both Family and Civil aspects.


Christopher has 12 GCSEs at grade A-C, as well as 3 A levels. Christopher declined the opportunity to go to University full-time once leaving school in order to support his disabled dependent Father at home by going straight into full-time employment in 2012.

He later enrolled in an Open University degree course in 2015 in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BA Hons). Christopher completed his degree and graduated in 2021 after 6 years of studying, assignments and exams, whilst working full-time in Legal Costs. Christopher graduated, completing his final year with 74% overall, and an upper second class degree.


Christopher began his Legal Costs career in 2012, as an assistant to the in-house Costs Department at a law firm in Kennington, London. As an assistant, Christopher dealt with preparing N258s, EX80 costs certificates and final claim1s for Court assessed bills. Christopher was promoted to Junior Costs Draftsman in 2013 and predominantly dealt with preparing costs claims to be assessed directly by the Legal Aid Agency.

After a few years, Christopher was offered a position with a large legal costs firm in Central London where he became a fee-earner and was trained in a high pressure, target driven environment, to draft Inter Partes bills, negotiate and prepare Points of Dispute and Replies.

With his experience in Legal Aid and Inter Partes, Christopher was then offered a role as Head of Costs at a Law firm in Notting Hill, at the age of 21. Christopher took the opportunity and dealt with a complete top down re-organisation of a department that was in severe need of major improvements to its structure and processes. Whilst doing so, Christopher also drafted Legal Aid bills, Inter Partes bills and dealt with Civil High Costs Case Plans, managing weekly POA runs through an early implementation of the LAA online portal, delegating Legal Help billing and preparing schedules for fee earners in order to negotiate early settlements. Christopher worked closely with the accounts department to manage the company’s billing and reported directly to the Senior Partner in one to one meetings every week to provide updates.

Christopher eventually left the following year in order to work closer to home and be more capable of supporting his Father whose health continued to deteriorate. It was at this time whilst looking for opportunities locally that he was offered a position with Costs Law Services in 2017, working in the Chatham branch. Christopher enjoyed his time with Costs Law Services, but left with a heavy heart in order to pursue opportunities alone, self-employed, in 2019. He used this opportunity to work more flexibly in order to manage time needed to complete the more challenging final years of his Open University degree.

Christopher re-joined Costs Law Services in January 2022 with extensively expanded knowledge in Legal Costs following exposure to a vast range of different kinds of cases with their own unique rules whilst managing a case load from a number of different law firms across England and Wales, as well as having an Honours degree now under his belt. Christopher looks forward to helping Costs Law Services continue to grow in reputation and add to the already impressive knowledge and experience that the company has at its disposal.


Christopher is a keen golfer and currently plays off of a single figure handicap as a member of one of the most challenging golf courses in Kent. When he is not at his desk working, you can find him out on the golf course in both sunshine and rain, or at the driving range trying to work out what he is doing wrong. Christopher loves travelling to explore, and enjoys visiting the Highlands most of all for the views, wildlife, exceptionally unhealthy food and of course the challenging links to golf.

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