Nadia Bonaventura Simba

Law Costs Draftsperson

Nadia Bonaventura Simbais a Cost Lawyers/Cost Draftsmen at Cost Law Services working in City of London office


Nadia has a wealth of experience dealing with all aspects of Care Case Fee Scheme (CCFS), QC/2 Counsel VHCC and Single Counsel CCFS cases. She is aware of the standards the Legal Aid Agency have set for providers and this is one of the reasons why she prides herself in getting the job done in a timely, efficient and precise manner. Nadia works to detail to deal with matters from start to finish for continuity. She takes steps to secure payment from the Legal Aid Agency by submitting outcomes, processing costs claims, uploading costs claims, uploading supporting documents and dealing with all associated notifications. Nadia is dedicated, enthusiastic, and reliable. She works to a swift turnaround in preparing CCMS claims online and drafting High-Cost Case Plans. Nadia specialises in Legal Aid work, predominately, in Public Law Proceedings, fixed fees and other public law proceedings, EPOs and Adoption. Nadia worked for a reputed law firm in Surrey where she was the only in-house draftsmen. Nadia’s diligence resulted in the Care Department meeting their individual yearly targets and recognition was rewarded every year.


Nadia is a doting Mother to her Son. Her Son competed for Head Boy for his final year in Primary School. Although he wasn’t elected as Head Boy, he was elected as Head Prefect which allows him to represent the student voices and the school at a variety of events by creating a link between teachers and pupils. Nadia is very proud that her Son is an example for other students.

Nadia enjoys reading, she is reading John Grisham, The Litigator. In short, it centres around a lawyer who found a way to lose a no fault divorce that was uncontested on all issues. It is a book filled with much laughter!

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