Prity Juttla

Controlled Work Billing Manager

Prity Juttlais a Cost Lawyers/Cost Draftsmen at Cost Law Services working in Northwood office


I joined Cost Law in September 2018 in the role of a Controlled Work Billing Manager.

I began my legal career in 2003 when I attended The College of Law and studied Asylum and Immigration Law. I continued working in this field and became accredited by the Legal Services Commission as a Level One Caseworker (now known as the Legal Aid Agency). Whilst at the same firm, I began working in their Finance Department as a Legal Aid Biller.

In 2006 I moved to another firm and continued in my position as a Legal Aid Biller. I was promoted to the Head of Billing Department in 2009, where I worked until August 2018. There, I trained and managed a team of Legal Aid Billers. I also obtained exposure in processing Certificated Bills and Claims to the Court Service, Government Legal Department and Legal Aid Agency. I have experience in serving and processing these bills up to the point of settlement of costs.

I have extensive experience in billing Asylum and Immigration cases under the following funding schemes:

  • Legal Help

  • Hourly Rates

  • Fixed Fees

  • Escape Fee Cases

  • Duty advice claims

  • Detained asylum Cases stand by payments

  • Controlled Legal Representation

  • Hourly Rates

  • Fixed Fees

  • Escape Fee Cases

  • Upper Tribunal cases

My time and experience in the Legal industry, specialising in the immigration and asylum sector has exposed me to over a decade’s worth of knowledge which I am now applying at our firm.


  • Gym

  • Reading

  • Travelling

  • Music

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