Quinten Hoskins

Law Costs Draftsman

Quinten Hoskinsis a Cost Lawyers/Cost Draftsmen at Cost Law Services working in City of London office


I am an experienced Law Costs Draftsman in family, community care, housing, immigration and public law. Over the years, I have acquired experience in Inter Partes and Legal Aid claims and billing.

As the Legal Aid Contract Liaison Manager in my previous role, I was able to experience all cost processes, across the entire lifetime of all matters; ranging from Legal Helps to CCFS and Fully-costed High Cost Case Plans, with absolutely everything in between.


  • I have a total of 7 G.C.S.E.s (graded C to A (A* did not exist at that time)). I chose to study for and acquired 2 A’ Levels (in French and Geography). Instead of a third A’ Level, I decided to study other languages (Spanish and German). Due to my Belgian heritage, I also speak very basic Dutch (Flemish).

  • I graduated with an LLB (Hons) in 2017 from the University of Law. This followed many years’ worth of distance learning study. Despite being automatically offered a place on The University of Law’s LPC, it was never my intention to go down the solicitor route. Costs law has certainly proven to be a far better fit for me.


  • Prior to becoming a Law Costs Draftsman, I very much enjoyed running my own writing and editing business. This involved dealing with a wide range of clients, across the world. My business primarily dealt with the provision of written content and editing services in health and fitness, science, financial, personal development and law. I provided legal commentary articles every month for The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs and wrote dozens of fully-accredited, 40,000+ words academic courses, across an eclectic range of subjects, for New Skills Academy.

  • Following the successful completion of my Law Degree in 2017, I decided it was time to return to the legal industry – of which I had had some prior experience when I worked as a Paralegal in housing law back in 2008.

  • After I secured a starting role with NHS England in GP Contracting, my combined accounting and legal experience landed me a job as a Law Costs Administrator at a firm of solicitors in Nottingham. Within 2-weeks, my talent was swiftly recognised in this niche and I was already promoted to a Trainee Law Costs Draftsman. I worked in the public law department where I was exposed to both Inter Partes and Legal Aid cost drafting and billing. I count myself as having been very lucky to be trained by a Senior Costs Draftsman who had literally decades’ worth of experience in this industry and a knowledge of case and statutory law that could never be rivalled.

  • I then moved to another firm of solicitors in Nottingham where I was the Law Costs Executive Manager for all Legal Aid costs and claims in the family law department. This firm had 5 branches across the East Midlands. During my 3-years with this firm as the Legal Aid Contract Liaison Manager, I pride myself on having vastly improved the costs processes and company practices within this firm in order to better maximise their overall revenue.

  • Heading into 2023, after a short sabbatical, I decided it was time for a change and was lucky enough to secure a new role with Cost Law Services as a Law Costs Draftsman. Far from being accustomed to such a high level of support in my previous costs role, I really do relish the future possibilities that lie with this dynamic and ever-expanding company.


  • During my spare time, I very much enjoy swimming, tennis and badminton.

  • My biggest passion has to be travel! I have been lucky enough to venture to 47 other countries so far and hope one day to take this number well over the 100 mark.

  • I also enjoy sampling the delights of good restaurants and often travel back down to Devon, where I was born and bred.

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