Terence Cunningham


Terence Cunninghamis a Cost Lawyers/Cost Draftsmen at Cost Law Services working in Harrow office


I have been a cost draftsman since 1988. I started working at J Robins where I worked on an extremely difficult care case with a funding certificate of £1.2 million. During this time I also worked on Marchioness Disasters on the River Thames and the case against the Police during the riots at Trafalgar Square.

I became a Fellow of Draftsman in this period and dealt with both Claimant and Defendant work. I worked at Jim Richings and became a Director, then left after a few years after clients wanted me to start my own business. I started a successful business and assisted private clients, saving them costs by representing them. I also dealt with the Baby P case.

I then worked at Kain Knight, where I dealt with CCFA and CFA and was mainly there to assist the youngsters with understanding legal aid. I worked for Duncan Lewis for 5 years during this time before leaving in September 2022.

After that, I worked at Bindman’s for 6 months covering maternity leave. During this period, I dealt with some old cases and the Grenfell Fire case. Finally, I returned to Duncan Lewis Solicitors to continue with my experience over a number of years.


  • In my spare time, I am a keen gardener and follow my football team since 1968. I am also married with 1 grown up son.

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