Terence Cunningham

Senior Law Costs Draftsperson

Terence Cunninghamis a Cost Lawyers/Cost Draftsmen at Cost Law Services working in Luton office


I have been a Cost Draftsman since 1988. I have a depth of experience in all levies of costs, with experience in varied areas as a Cost Draftsman. Having worked for both the receiving party and paying party on both the private and public sectors, I bring a wide range of experience. I have worked on different value bills and also have experience in million pound bills. I am an avid negotiator and advocate at detailed assessment hearings. I also draft inter-parte bills as well as legal aid claims.


I have worked my way up to a fellow of the Law Cost Association.


I first joined John Robins in 1988 and ran the family departments as well as interparty work. I also attended numerous assessment hearings for the receiving party and paying party. I was involved in one of the biggest care actions that involved 25 different councils and over 42 children. The Cost Judge requested all cost draftsman involved in the case to attend upon him to determine the enhancements he would allow for each party. The funding certificate was up to one million and when the Bill was drawn my costs were allowed as claimed in full apart for some reduction to counsel fees. After leaving John Robins I started my own company. I spent time at Kian Knight where I was involved in dealing with legal aid work and then inter-parte work. I spent some time with Adlams Solicitors and Sternberg Reed where I was taken on to assist with outstanding claims to be sent to the Legal Aid Agency.

I joined Cost Law Ltd in September 2018 as a Cost Draftsman.


In my spare time I assist Great Ormond Street Hospital in charity work, and donate regularly.
I am also a keen gardener and like most sports. I like travelling and exploring different cultures and countries.

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